Monday Morning Makeup Maven featuring Nikki Makeup


In this digital age, Instagram is just one of the few platforms that is home to talented makeup artists. Either upping up trends or making trends in the industry— they showcase their craft and amaze their audience. In today’s MMMM feature, the spotlight goes to Nikki Makeup.


Here are 5 interesting facts about Nikki Makeup:

  1. It was during her first job of working for a fashion photography teacher that she was able to master her makeup on different faces.

  2. She studied makeup course at London College of Fashion.

  3. She is a Global Makeup Ambassador for Becca Cosmetics.

  4. She is a beauty columnist at Glamour Uk.

  5. Rankin, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Patrice De Villiers, Max Oppenheim, Robert Charbonnet and Dan Kennedy are a few of the well-known photographers she has worked with. 

Nikki on social media (verified):

Instagram: @nikki_makeup

Twitter: @nikki_makeup