Monday Morning Make Up Maven featuring Pat McGrath

‘I was recently thinking about where as a make-up artist I get my inspiration from.  The answer was a tricky one. There is a lot that inspires us as artists—  inspiration can come from art, film, the environment, music, street style, a person’s face, a colour, or a mood. This got me thinking about the artists who have inspired me along my journey. They have used techniques that has made me stop and study the image. To the risk takers and the make up educators: it’s my opinion that you never stop learning in your life's journey. Never get stagnant, just because you do something well doesn't mean you can't be better. That’s what these artists are to me, they are always striving for better and they inspire me to be better as well. You may not recognise their faces but you will have seen their work. Social media has also shook up the industry and we have more access than ever to their techniques and tips through Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and the like. It took me a while to decide who to start with... but I knew then that it had to be Pat McGrath."

Official Logo of Pat McGrath from

Official Logo of Pat McGrath from

Interesting facts about Pat McGrath

1. Pat is British, from Northampton and born in 1970.

2. She is the creative director of Procter and Gamble (includes Covergirl, Max Factor and D&G) and now has her own brand of makeup.

3. She was influenced my the Blitz Kids movement.

4. She was awarded a MBE in 2014 for her services to fashion.

5.She is also known for her inventive use of materials: her most creative makeup is handmade, and she works mainly with her fingers instead of with brushes

Pat on social media (verified):

Instagram : @patmcgrathreal

Twitter : @patmcgrathreal