Airbrush Skills 

Airbrush Certification Ella Creative Academy

ECA Certificate in Airbrushing

A course for already practising make-up artists looking to sharpen their skills in an ever- competitive market. You'll learn to use an airbrush to achieve flawless blending, contouring and creative colouring techniques. These can then be applied to your specialised field - from fashion, to HD film/TV or prosthetics.

This course covers all the requirements for either airbrushing yourself or adding the skill to your repertoire of skills as a make up artist

We cover health  and safety, trouble shooting, products that suit various skin types, bridal natural and glamorous including Asian bridal and working with different skin tones, as well as applying for   HD for T.V and Creative artwork for Couture and Fashion trends.

Day 1- Health and safety set up, cleaning and maintains the equipment , skin prep for the different products, different types of airbrush make up types and how to apply, blend , set and remove each.

Day 2-Different ways to contour and highlight from strobing to heavy contour using a wide variety of products . Changing someone's skin tone for T.V.Application techniques for skin and contour, and blush application. Mixing colours and tone to create the perfect colour, seeing how the different types work in different lighting set ups.

Day 3- Advanced class: This sessions will show you how to create the perfect eye, clean or smokey for your artists eye shape.We will create a Red Carpet signature Ella Creative look with beautiful covered but luminous skin, for a make up that will last the flashbulbs and the night!

Day 4-Advanced class: skills masterclass add on class for those that want to be more proficient with the airbrush machine, we will concentrate on skills class, where you will learn. And practice how to do finer creative work, like drains feathers, shading fort the body, using different colours, mixing and fading it, covering tattoos and creating tattoos.

Day one of the course will cover natural and bridal looks. Day two will cover fashion and creative looks.

The course includes:

  • Introduction to airbrush machine

  • Natural make-up for fashion or HD film / TV

  • Airbrush for bridal

  • Contouring and highlighting

  • Fashion airbrush techniques

  • Creative airbrush/body art techniques

  • Tattoos and colouring



Course Details

New Course - Aug 14th-17th  2018


£250 2 days (Beginner) 14-15th Aug

£395 3 days (Intermediate) 14-16th Aug

£495 4 days (Advanced) 14-17th Aug