Ella Academy's lead the way as latest course launches.. VTCT Level 3 Award in Media Make Up.

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Have you ever fancied working behind the scenes on a horror film/TV series or creating a Halloween look so realistic even your friends are petrified? 

We thought so.  Look no further!  The new VTCT Level 3 Award in Media Make-up begins on 14th August and you could be part of it.

The course covers the foundation of film and TV special effects and make-up designs.  What’s even better is that the course is designed for beginners and those already in the industry, so you’re not restricted in any way.
But what exactly will you learn?  You’ll learn techniques in how to create flesh, cuts, bruises, injuries, black eyes, wax prosthetics, burn effects, fantasy/body art – and much, much more.
The course will begin on 14th August and last for five days.  As this is a new course, we’re offering it at an introductory rate of £695 instead of £995 for a limited time only.

ECA Level 3 Make Up students celebrate completing course

Ella Creative Academy is a newly-formed academy offering hair and makeup courses in Liverpool.  Ella Creative Academy offers courses for the experienced artist who might wish to learn new skills or alternatively, there are courses aimed at beginners who have no experience in the industry.

makeup course liverpool

The first cohort of the Level 3 Fashion & Photography course have recently celebrated the completion of their course following a successful fashion photoshoot at Vessel Studios.  This group of students now have the skills to join the hair and makeup industry.

ella creative academy make up course

This Liverpool makeup course is running again in April (on Saturday’s) and in May (on Monday’s) and there are limited places available.  Full information on this makeup course can be found on www.ellacreativeacademy.co.uk.  Additionally, you can see updates from Ella Creative Academy, and its students, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

If you’re thinking of participating in a makeup course and would like an informal chat, without obligation, please contact us on contact@ellacreativeacademy.co.uk

Ella Creative Academy Make-up students create innovative model portfolios at Vessel Studios Liverpool

make up course liverpool
make up courses liverpool
make up course liverpool
makeup course liverpool
make up course liverpool

Ella Creative Academy (ECA), Liverpool’s newest hair and makeup academy, has recently partnered with Vessel Studios to give ECA students an exciting opportunity.

The students, who are close to completing the Level 3 Fashion & Photographic Makeup Course at Ella Creative Academy, worked with Vessel Studios and a number of models, to create innovative and dramatic hair and makeup styles.  The aim was to provide the models with new photos for their portfolios that were unlike any other, whilst giving the students the opportunity to work in a fast-paced fashion environment.  The students and models had a very productive day and created three portfolios for the models.

Ella Creative Academy offers Liverpool-based hair and makeup courses and the popular Level 3 Fashion & Photographic Makeup Course is about to begin its second cohort.  For more information please visit www.ellacreativeacademy.co.uk

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make-up course liverpool

Fly on the Wall Photoshoot with photographer Ste Walker Photography... - Make Up Academy News - Liverpool

A few weeks back we had the talented photography Ste Walker into the make-up academy in Liverpool documenting a day on our Level 3 fashion and photographic make-up course. It was a bit daunting at first the thought of somebody taking close ups all day , however Ste being the friendly person he is soon put us all at ease. It actually felt very natural and he chatted away to the students about the make-up course and what they have learnt. We were very happy with the photographs and its great to see the make-up academy in full swing.

make up course
make up course Liverpool
make up course Liverpool
make up course liverpool
makeup course liverpool
makeup course liverpool
“No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.”
— Gary Vaynerchuk

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Ella Creative Academy Make Up Students provide make-up for Fashion and Cupcake show...

A make-up artist team of our talented students from the Fashion and Photographic Makeup course at Ella Creative Academy supported tutor, Ruth Marcella as the makeup artists for The Fashion and Cupcakes event which took place at 54 Saint James St, Liverpool at the weekend.

The Level 3 make-up course students had the opportunity to show off their creative make-up talents with editorial make up look for all of the models. It gave the make-up students a great experience and opportunity to test their skills in a real life, high pressure, working environment and they all did fantastic and were extremely professional and the feedback was very positive from clients Mavazi Designs and Forever Eighteen Liverpool based fashion brands. 

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make up course Liverpool
makeup course Liverpool
makup course
makeup course liverpool
makeup course liverpool
makeup course

Ella Make Up Academy Liverpool has launched ✨✨

Saturday marked the launch of our first Ella Creative Academy makeup course in Liverpool ! 

The students for the VTCT Level 3 certificate in fashion and photographic make-up joined us at our centre in 54 Saint James Street in the heart of Liverpools creative Baltic Triangle

Ella Creative Academy

Ella Creative Academy

It was lovely to meet them all and they all got off to a great start quickly picking up the fashion techniques covered in week one.

The first make-up topic we covered is skin work, the basis of any great make up application is to perfect the skin. To achieve a perfect canvas we paid special attention to prepping the skin with a good cleanse tone moisturise and then used a variety of make up products to achieve a perfect canvas. The students did really well and managed to achieve excellent results. To work as a makeup artist in commercial fashion it a necessity to be able to achieve the editorial minimal makeup look whilst complimenting the feautures and perfecting the skin..

Make-up Course Liverpool

Make-up Course Liverpool

Well done ECA students ✨✨✨✨✨ 

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Liverpool make-up artist Ruth Marcella shares how to become a make-up artist and make money from it! -


Interview from make-up tutor Ruth Marcella

I get lots of emails asking how I got into make-up and advice about the make-up industry  so I have decided my first blog post will talk about my own personal experience of being a make-up artist.  I have been a full time make up artist for around 10 years and this is my only job and I do pay all my bills each month solely from work as a freelance make-up artist so I do make a good living from it.

make-up course liverpool
make-up course liverpool

To succeed in any competitive industry I think you need to love what you do.  Whichever aspect of make-up that you decide to go into you have to have enthusiasm and passion to make it work.  It can be a tough industry sometimes with long hours and it can be hard work lugging all the kit around and working to tight deadlines but each time I go on a job I feel so blessed to be doing a job that I love.

How did you get into the industry?

By mistake… …..

I could say I always knew I wanted to be a make-up artist but that would be a lie…. I fell into make -up purely by accident. I suppose looking back I have always been the one within my group of friends that would be the designated hair/make-up person but I never thought of it for a career. I studied Fashion and when I left I worked in a retail buying office in Liverpool. My friend was getting married and couldn’t find anybody to do her make-up how she wanted it, she begged me to help and I found the word YES slipping from my lips.

As the wedding approached I thought what have I let myself in for and panicked so booked onto a short make-up course at London College of Fashion so I would be better prepared. It was there within the stacks of MAC make-up that I fell in love and thought I want to do this EVERY day.  I then got a job at MAC cosmetics, followed by a full make-up course before studying hairdressing and that’s about it.

When I first started I worked a lot for free. The thing I learnt about this period in my make-up career was to only work for free when it’s beneficial for YOU.  At the beginning I wanted to do make-up and took every opportunity to progress.  I worked with lots of photographers to build a portfolio. In this industry I believe your portfolio sells you. If your portfolio is weak it doesn’t matter how many qualifications you have you will not find much work. When I had a small portfolio I had a website built. I think it’s important to have a website as most people do and it gives potential clients a way to view your work quickly and efficiently.

After that I started to look for work locally as all these things cost money and I had to start making some CASH ££££$$$$$$. I started by doing a lot of bridal work. I enjoy meeting brides and found that it was well paid and with the hair skills I have, I was able to cater for make-up and hair.  During this period of time I started to get more enquiries through my website for media make-up work and was able to start making more contacts. My work at the moment is a mixture of media assignments and make-up for individuals and I find this works well for my lifestyle as I chose the hours I work. There are many ways to get into the make-up industry but that was my entrance into this industry.

How do you find work? Make-Up is such a competitive industry and it’s too difficult to find work?

Many artist that have contacted me for advice tell me they have left college and are finding it challenging to find work. That is why Ella Creative Academy has a great aftercare program and tries to offer opportunities for work experience which gives students a benefit when breaking in to the make-up industry. If you think of every advertisement, commercial, TV Show, Editorial, Fashion Show etc. produced in the UK then that is a lot of available work. If you are good at what you do, are reliable, apply yourself  in every job and work hard to put yourself in front of people that can hire you then there is no reason that you won’t get work. The great thing about Ella Creative Academy is that all the tutors are working in the make-up industry so our courses have been designed based on that make-up knowledge so when our students leave they have the knowledge to start working straight away.

liverpool make-up course
Olympic Cycling Medalists

I don’t live in a big city and find it hard to find work locally?

Where you live will affect the kind of work that is available to you.  In terms of Media Work you are better placed to accept assignments if you live in a city that has a lot of production companies, ad agencies etc. In the UK that would probably be the bigger cities such as London or Manchester. In The US it would be most likely to be LA or New York.  This does not however mean that you can’t succeed as a make-up artist if you don’t live in those areas. There will be media jobs outside the big cities; you may have a TV production company that is local to you that you can pursue opportunities within. The key is to do your research. Find out what is going on in your area and how you can become involved. It may be cost effective for you to travel to bigger cities for work but even if you can only work locally there always work available to you. The bridal market grows year on year and many brides require a make-up artist. If you are able to become known for bridal make-up then that can be a very lucrative market to work within. This also applies to the whole special occasion make-up market which includes proms, hen nights, graduations etc.

What part of the make-up industry to you enjoy the most?

My freelance life as a make-up artist is varied and I enjoy that. My background was fashion so I work on photoshoots and commercial work  with men (grooming) also which is also interesting. I also have lots of private clients and have a number of bridal parties per year with my company Orchid Blush. I have worked on music events and fashion shows and love the fast paced make-up jobs which are always hard work but can be lots of fun to. As I work with international brand and also some celebrity clients its always fun to walk past as advert or poster or see something on the television and know that you were part of the team that created the images.  I enjoy it all!

How did you build your kit and know which products to buy?

If there is one thing I love to do that is shop for make-up. I can’t get enough of the stuff. Building my kit took me a while and is still a work in progress. I like to try different products and work out what is the best fit for me as a make-up artist. When I first started out I had a lot of MAC make-up in my kit. I still use quite a bit of MAC but I have discovered other brands such as Make-Up ForeverOCC cosmeticsInglotYaby.  Many of these brands offer a professional discount and also produce make-up artist palettes which are great for make-up artists. It can take a while to build a make-up kit but it’s an investment.

As well as her freelance work, Ruth now passes on her expert knowledge to budding makeup artists in the making as the Principal of Ella Creative Academy, teaching fashion and media make-up course in Liverpool

Connect with Ruth on social media:.

Instagram @ellacreativeacademy

Twitter @ruthmarcella

Liverpool make up course launching! -Level 3 VTCT Fashion and Photographic Make-Up Certificate

Liverpool make up course launching! -Level 3 VTCT Fashion and Photographic Make-Up Certificate

Ella Creative Academy is opening in Jan 2017! After months of preparation and becoming an accredited VTCT centre in Liverpool we are pleased to announce the VTCT Level 3 Fashion and Photographic Certificate course will be starting on 14th January and there are a few places still available. 

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Ella Creative Academy Make Up Tutor behind the scenes at Vevo Halloween | Liverpool Bramley Moore Dock...

Vevo Halloween Orchid Blush

Liverpool was this years chosen venue for five fantastic live performances at Bramley-Moore Dock for Vevo’s annual Halloween party. Our tutor Ruth Marcella who runs Orchid Blush alongside sharing her knowledge teaching courses at Ella Creative academy. 

Image Rights Vevo

Image Rights Vevo

This years theme was phobias and the artist performing all dressed up for their stage performances and appearances on the 'black carpet'.

Izzy Bizu was an etherial Snow Queen and was stunning in person and glittered under the stage lights during her performance and the very striking Aurora who opted for Lace and Stiches ... 

Image Rights Vevo

Image Rights Vevo

Image Rights Vevo

Image Rights Vevo

Image Rights Vevo

Image Rights Vevo

Then onto Zara Larsons Band and Dancers who opted for dark make-up as 'the crows"


Then onto the finale act of the night the stockport band The Blossoms who opted to go for thriller style make-up as Michael Jackson and the dancers for Thriller video.

The make-up team used prosthetics and the band were trooper sitting patiently and the finished effect was ghoulish. Ruth used illustrator palette and gelatine prosthetics and SFX blood products for the zombie rot effects.

Make-Up Artist Ruth Marcella

Copyright Photo Vevo - Stockport Band The Blossoms

Copyright Photo Vevo - Stockport Band The Blossoms

For more information about special effects make-up and creating gruesome effects check out our make-up courses ... and follow our blog or social media for more news from our academy and tutor team..

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